Hi Formspider team,

I have the following issue: I have an editable grid with several fields. I edit the first field and tab to the second field and enter some text. Then, without navigationg out of the second field, i hit key F10. This key-event triggers a api_datasource.doCommit. The issue is, that the commit only commits the first field i edited. It ignores the second field. It looks like the data in the second field is not yet put in the datasource table, because i haven't navigated out of the field..

Is there a way to work around this issue?

Thanks, Michiel A.

asked 14 Feb '13, 08:14

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Michiel A
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Hi Michiel,

Normally, this usage should not cause any problem. Can you post your grid XML please? On which object your key-event is defined (panel, grid, mainFrame or dialog)? The grid datasource has any event? Are you navigating between the fields of the same row or different rows?

Thanks in advance,


answered 14 Feb '13, 09:34

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Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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It was on the mainFrame. I will investigate with different trigger points and get back to you.

(14 Feb '13, 10:00) Michiel A

Hi Ibrahim,

I build a little case in my online account. I believe you can access it there. See the Regions application. Open the application. After opening you are in the name field. Clear the data there. Now do key down and clear the second record name as well. Now hit F10 key. It does a api_application.doCommit.
Now click the refresh button. You will notice that the cleared name of record 1 is not saved...

It is a bit different then i experience in my app, but it might indicate the same issue..


(14 Feb '13, 10:58) Michiel A

Hi Michiel,

Thank you for the sample application. It's a bug, I created a ticket in our issue management system about this case.


(14 Feb '13, 15:50) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦

Hi Ibrahim,

OK, thanks. I will try to create a second sample app and try to duplicate the behaviour i experience in my application (edit data within the same row shows kindof the same issue). I might be the same bug, but i need to be sure.

This is a critical issue for me. You cant expect people to always press a click a button to save changes when they do a lot of data entry. I need the key-event to save changes.

Thanks, Michiel

(14 Feb '13, 16:11) Michiel A
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