I successfully installed Formspider using installer, but, when I click onto the Formspider icon on Desktop, browser cannot be able to establish a connection. How can I start Forsmpider IDE after install?

asked 04 Oct '11, 04:24

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When you encounter errors complaining about connection problems, it may possibly mean that the application server, tomcat, is not running. You have to start it, then Formspider IDE will function correctly.

Types of connection errors may come about:
Connection Error 1 Connection Error 1

In order to start tomcat, you can use desktop icon placed by Fomspider installer. When you double-click on it, tomcat will start running.


answered 04 Oct '11, 04:53

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Hello! We receive a similar error message to the first screen above. Tomcat is running on our system however. Is there anything else we should look at to help the IDE connect?

Note: I can see the FormSpider objects in my database. We've configured the Tomcat .xml doc to include the correct connectivity info. When we launch the IDE, it mentions 'error occurred while checking version' and after pressing 'OK', it displays a warning message with respect to my internet connection (this machine is quarantined from the network, hence there is no external internet access). Thoughts?




answered 13 Oct '11, 15:29

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Note that we resolved our issue in a different thread (by installing FormSpider correctly!).



answered 20 Oct '11, 09:22

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Hi folks,

I'm getting the same problem, but unfortunately question in other thread (http://osqa.theformspider.com/questions/101/step-by-step-installation-and-use-guide) did not solved my problem.

Any idea, why I'm getting a connection error to Formspider IDE ? Apache is running, db is running too



answered 03 Jun '12, 07:22

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