Hello! I'm trying to create datasource from SQL query like:

select x.* from xml_tbl t_xml , XMLTable('/PROPERTY' passing xmltype(t_xml.xml_blob, nls_charset_id('CL8MSWIN1251')) columns Property_Count for ordinality, Street varchar2(100) path 'ADDRESS/PARSED_ADDRESS/Street', HouseNo varchar2(10) path 'ADDRESS/PARSED_ADDRESS/HouseNo', ConstructionNo varchar2(10) path 'ADDRESS/PARSED_ADDRESS/ConstructionNo', ValuationDate date path 'VALUATION_ITEMS/VALUATION/AppraisalDate', AppraisedValue number(18,2) path 'VALUATION_ITEMS/VALUATION/AppraisedValue', SFTB_Property varchar2(16) path 'PropertyID') x where t_xml._id=....

So, I'm using xmltable to map xml content into relation data table. Datasourse columns were succesfully populated after applying changes to new datasource. But I 'm getting no rows while outputing datasource into the grid...

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Formspider supports the use of xmltable in datasource definition query, therefore you should be able to use your datasource without problem. Please check the following:

  • If an error occurs during the execution of your grid datasource, an exclamation icon should appear at the top right of the screen. Is this icon appeared? If so, you can click this icon to display a detailed message about the error.
  • Is there any error message on the tomcat window when your grid is displayed?
  • Please run your query in your datasource schema and make sure that it's returning rows.
  • Are you using any bindvariable in your datasource definition query? You may perhaps forget to set the value of a bindvariable before executing your datasource.
  • There is a checkBox labeled "Query on Initialize" on the datasource edit dialog. Is this checkBox ticked for your grid datasource? If not, you have to query your datasource using the api_datasource.executeQuery API to retrieve data.

If the solutions above don't help, please send your panel XML and an example data to contact@theformspider.com



answered 28 Jan '13, 05:43

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