Hallo friends,

working with fs1.2.1 and have the following problem/question.

Have a datasource with 10 rows per page and 105 records in the table. I have a button called "LastRecord" that use api_datasource.lastRow but the focus on the UI is still on a row on page 1. There is api_datasource.nextPage , but how i can jump to the page that contains the last row.

Does someone find a solution for that ?

Can a method called FirstPage and LastPage be implementent in future ?

Thanks Uwe K

asked 25 Jan '13, 04:19

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Uwe K
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Hi Uwe,

As you have mentioned, these two APIs are currently missing but we are planning to implement them for the version 1.2.3 .

In the meantime, you can use the following procedure to navigate to the last page of a datasource:

-- @param in_datasourceName_tx Name of the datasource
-- @param in_fetchMode_cd      Fetch mode of the datasource
procedure lastPage(in_datasourceName_tx varchar2, in_fetchMode_cd varchar2 := 'FetchAll') is
  v_lastPage_nr number;
  v_rowCount_nr number;
  if in_fetchMode_cd = 'FetchAll' then
    v_rowCount_nr := api_datasource.getRowCount(in_datasourceName_tx);
  elsif in_fetchMode_cd = 'Paging' then
    v_rowCount_nr := api_datasource.getCompleteRowCount(in_datasourceName_tx);
  end if;
  v_lastPage_nr :=  ceil(v_rowCount_nr / api_datasource.getrowsperpage(in_datasourcename_tx));
  api_datasource.setpage(in_datasourceName_tx, v_lastPage_nr);

If the rowsPerPage values of your datasources are not changing during runtime, you can define package constants holding the rowsPerPage values of your datasources to avoid the api_datasource.getRowsPerPage API call.

Also, please note that the api_datasource.setPage API sets the first row of the navigated page as the current row of the datasource. Therefore, you have to make the api_datasource.lastRow API call after this custom lastPage procedure.

Navigating to the first page is easier:

procedure firstPage(in_datasourceName_tx varchar2) is
  api_datasource.setpage(in_datasourceName_tx, 1);

Hope this helps,


answered 25 Jan '13, 05:18

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Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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Thanks, it works fine


answered 25 Jan '13, 06:35

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Uwe K
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