We would like to be able to control the way we navigate with the TAB-key in a panel. We use 'tabindex' and this works well. But on the last item in a panel we want to return to the first item in the panel, or when in a grid, we want to automatically insert a new row.

How can we do this?

asked 22 Jan '13, 08:01

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Peter W
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Hi Peter,

Since the functionality you ask is not officially supported, I may have a workaround to suggest.

Lets assume you have 5 items in a form. You set the tabindex to 1 for the first item, and to 5 on the last. The trick is to add a 6th item, having the minimum width and set the tabindex to 6, so when you press tab on the 5th item, this 6th item get the focus. You may also add a custom css to make this item virtually invisible by setting the color same as the background, if you take the visuals very seriously. The trick is to add a focusgain action containing only one command: api_component.requestFocus('panel.firstItemName'); where firstItemName is the name of the first item in the form. I know is not the best way but it works and is very very simple.

Best regards,



answered 24 Jan '13, 16:27

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Vlisidis Akis
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Hi Peter,

If I'm not misunderstanding your case, you would like to loop in the same panel with the TAB key, by returning to the first item of the same panel when TAB-key is pressed on the last item of this panel. In other words, you would like to navigate to the next navigable item within the same panel instead of the next navigable item within the same application (which is the current behavior). Is that correct?

Currently, there is no way to achieve the automatically row insertion behavior. We will discuss about it internally. I will get back to you next week about this issue.

Best Regards,


answered 22 Jan '13, 08:57

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Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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Yes Ibrahim, that is exactly what I want. I tried to do this with a keyEvent on the last item, but "TAB" doesn't seem to be a valid keyCombination. Is this correct?

(22 Jan '13, 09:01) Peter W

Hi Peter,

This a valid keyCombination but it's currently prevented by Formspider since TAB key has a pre-defined default behavior. We will also discuss about it internally, I think we can stop preventing key events with TAB keyCombination. I will get back to you about this issue.

Kind Regards,

(22 Jan '13, 09:46) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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