Hi, There is an icon which turn to "-" when node is expanded. How I can disable or delete that icon of the tree which have not children to populate?

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Hi Emil,

You can use the nodeStateColumn attribute of the tree to hide the "+" icon and make a node non-expandable. In the api_treenode package, there are three constants named LEAF, COLLAPSED and EXPANDED which can be used as the nodeState value.

In your case, you should define a new column in your tree's datasource and set it's value as api_tree.COLLAPSED or api_tree.LEAF following whether the node has children or not. Then, you should assign this column to the nodeStateColumn attribute of your tree.

If the node state is decided at runtime and you have a hierarchical query to populate your tree, you can use use the connect_by_isleaf pseudocolumn to evaluate whether it's a leaf node or not.

You can find a more detailed answer here. It explains how to use nodeStateColumn attribute and connect_by_isleaf pseudocolumn.



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