Can you tell me what determines the date datetime display format in Formspider?

Thanks, Michiel

asked 11 Jan '13, 07:46

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Michiel A
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Hi Michiel,

The default dateformat is DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI:SS. You may change the default dateformat in BDF_SETUP table by changing the value of "DefaultDatasourceDateFormat" named parameter in the table.



answered 11 Jan '13, 07:58

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Samet Basaran
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Thanks Samet,

So there will be no way of setting it per user (as session property or someting)?

(11 Jan '13, 08:07) Michiel A

Yes, unfortunately you cannot set it using any API at the moment.

(11 Jan '13, 08:12) Samet Basaran

Hi Michiel,
Maybe there is a "hack" you can use. First rename table bdf_setup to bdf_setup$:
rename bdf_setup to bdf_setup$;
Then create a view to manipulate the returned data the way you want it. A very very simple example follows: create or replace view bdf_setup as selecr var_cd, bdf_setup_oid, decode(var_cd, 'DefaultDatasourceDateFormat', decode(put_your_critera_here, 'value_1', 'DD/MM/YYYY', 'value_2', 'MM/DD/YYYY', ...... value_tx --default formspider value ), value_tx ) value_tx from bdf_setup$

I have not tested the code, but I used the same concept many times.



answered 14 Jan '13, 04:05

Vlisidis%20Akis's gravatar image

Vlisidis Akis
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Hi Akis,

Thanks, interesting idea. I'm gonna give it a try.


(14 Jan '13, 05:02) Michiel A
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