Hi Formspider team,

When creating a panel i experienced it is possible to set the minimum width of a panel bij setting the panel property prefferedWith to a statis value of for example 950px. If you create a grid inside a panel one can set the grid cell width to 100%, so it has the effect that on larger screens the grid extends to 100% of the available width, but never get smaller then 950px.

My question is, is it somehow possible to set also the max-with for a panel, so that we can limit the maximum panel with to for example 1200px? So the panel will resize automatically between the 950 and 1200px range but never gets wider then the max-width and never smaller then the preferredWith?

Best, Michiel

asked 21 Dec '12, 07:17

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Michiel A
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Hi Michiel,

There is not an attribute meeting your requirement but you can achieve this by including your panel with preferredWith="950" into a new panel, where the cell containing the panel with the preferredWidth has 1200 as childWidth value. The childWidth="1200" guarantees that the inner panel never gets wider then 1200.

Assume that your panel with the preferredWidth is named "panel1" and has the following XML:

<panel preferredWidth="950">
      <cell hAlign="Full">

The wrapper panel of the "panel1" should look like the following:

      <cell childWidth="1200">
        <include panelName="panel1"/>

Hope this helps,


answered 21 Dec '12, 07:55

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Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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Hi Ibrahim,

Thanks, your solution works, but it is not an option for me, because i would like to add this behaviour to most of my panels that i show as a tab. Might be something for a future version? Two panel properties minWidth and maxWidth.

Thanks, Michiel

(21 Dec '12, 09:10) Michiel A

You can do the same thing to panel contents also. In your grid example, you can set childWidth="1200" for the parent cell of the grid.

(21 Dec '12, 11:39) oskansavli ♦♦

Hi Oskan,

Ah... that should indeed do it. Good idea.

Thanks, Michiel

(21 Dec '12, 11:58) Michiel A
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