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I prepared a form and want to attach it with orcale R12 , i review the "E-Business Suite & Formspider Integration" tutorial but js.jsp file mentioned to enterthe URL of formspider application and url refer to the local machine. How to get the jsp file for my application,and what is the location on the server i have to locate.


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Are you asking how to set

1- the URL of your Formspider application. Mentioned in the jsp as below:

String redirectURL = "" + token;

2- the path of the jsp file on EBS middle tier. Mentioned in the tutorial as below:


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Is "" means the local machine? if yes , i asked where to locate the jsp file on EBS server?



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Hi qsiabukaf,

There are two machines (servers) that the EBS tutorial wants to illustrate. Those are:

  1. EBS Database Server
  2. EBS Application Servers + Formspider Middle-tier (they're on the same machine)

( The files of Formspider Middle-tier and EBS APPS are on the same machine. )

EBS files are generally put under /u01/E-BIZ/.... directory, however, Formspider Middle-tier files might be any directory depending on your apache tomcat configuration. Let's say that they reside under the path of /apache-tomcat/webapps/formspider/....

If you are able to run all correctly, because of EBS and FS being on the same machine, they can reach each other by using the http://localhost/ (

According to above information, the "fs.jsp" file must be inside the EBS Application Server machine; and must be under the path of /u01/E-BIZ/apps/apps_st/comn/webapps/oacore/html unless your EBS version is older than 12 . (because the path differs in different versions of EBS).


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Hi, I want to store formspider application files on the EBS server not in a local machine , please adive.

(17 Dec '12, 04:15) qsiabukaf


If i have many application how to control this through "fs.jsp"?

(17 Dec '12, 04:17) qsiabukaf

To store formspider middletier on EBS server, you need to install a apache tomcat on EBS server and use its configuration while installing formspider. ( When the formspider installer asks you Tomcat, you should select "existing tomcat installation" option, then enter the apropriate URL, port and credentials according to previous apache tomcat configuration. )

(17 Dec '12, 04:54) asdr ♦

The tutorial shows a sample JSP file that only connects one Formspider application as you can see from the following line:

String redirectURL = "" + token;

If you want to support various applications with one JSP file, you should configure the JSP file to make it accept formspider application name as URL parameter. (e.g. .../fs.jsp?fsAppName=EBSTest2)

e.g. fs.jsp


String fsAppName=request.getParameter("fsAppName");


String redirectURL = "" + fsAppName + "#" + token;


(17 Dec '12, 05:06) asdr ♦
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