How can I put combobox into textField in grid? After click on textField in a greed combobox will open with listed data, is it possible?

asked 04 Dec '12, 10:25

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Why not just use combobox in grid?

(04 Dec '12, 10:33) oskansavli ♦♦

I need to create dropdown list in a textField like this:

<column headerlabel="University"> <textfield column="UNIVERSITY"> <combobox name="cmb1" displaycolumn="UNIVERSITY" valuecolumn="ID" listdatasource="UNIVER1"/> </textfield> </column>

and it gives error: cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'comboBox'. One of '{"":events}' is expected. At Line: 29 , Column: 106

I'm new in formspider, sorry if this question very stupid.

(04 Dec '12, 10:44) Emil

You can not put a component inside another (except grid). If you are looking for an editable combobox, it is not implemented in formspider yet. You may use default combobox for now.


answered 04 Dec '12, 10:55

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It's not clear yet. Please see screenshot I implement this dropdown, but now I can't see data in column University until I choose value in dropdown.

(04 Dec '12, 11:02) Emil

Have you bound this combobox to a datasource column (like you do in textfield)?
It seems you've only set displayColumn and valueColumn. You should also set column attribute as well since it is in grid.

(04 Dec '12, 12:32) oskansavli ♦♦
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