Hello together,

I would like to know how you realised the popup panel in the code editor of formspider, e.g. when you enter a component like textfield and you get the list with the available attributes. This would be very useful for my application

Best regards Florian

asked 30 Nov '12, 08:27

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Hi Florian, Are you trying to implement this in a Formspider application?

(30 Nov '12, 09:01) Yalim K. Gerger ♦♦

Hi Yalim, yes I'm trying to build this functionality for my Formspider app. Could You give me an advise, please?

(30 Nov '12, 15:35) flosen

Hi Florian, The popup panel is a built-in feature of the Editor component. We tend to build these kind of functionalities into the components. So this feature is not accessible from outside the Editor component. If you describe your use case (where you need this functionality) maybe we can think of a solution.

Kind Regards, Yalim


answered 30 Nov '12, 15:39

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Yalim K. Gerger ♦♦
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Hi Yalim, thank you for your quick answer. Actually I'm testing which possible functionality I could add to FS applications. This would just be a very nice feature. So I will wait until you add this feature into the components.

Kind Regards, Florian

(04 Dec '12, 05:57) flosen
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