After many intermedia & java hacks I managed to create a first-page thumbnail for each pdf uploaded to my formspider app.

Thumbnails are stored as png images in a blob in the same table as the pdf. It would be very nice if the blob is shown inside a tooltip, so when the user leaves the mouse over the record for more than 2 secs the thumbnail is presented, almost like the magical way google is showing the site preview in the search results.

I cannot find a way to do it. There is no "tooltip" event, and in the tooltipcolumn property a blob column cannot be used. A timer cannot also be used since the current record is not changed by hovering the mouse. Is there any clever trick I can use to implement it?


asked 25 Nov '12, 08:57

Vlisidis%20Akis's gravatar image

Vlisidis Akis
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Hi Akis,

Formspider does not have this feature in 1.1.1. It will also not be in 1.2.


answered 26 Nov '12, 08:53

Yalim%20K.%20Gerger's gravatar image

Yalim K. Gerger ♦♦
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I understand that. Some times I forget that Formspider is for business apps and not for doing web authoring or messing with javascript. Thank you Yalim.

(26 Nov '12, 09:18) Vlisidis Akis
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