I have a dialog that when called creates a row and shows empty fields. It also has the typical OK/Cancel buttons. Cancel buttons actually deletes the record to simulate a rollback action.

The first time the dialog is shown everything works fine. I click cancel and I try to show the dialog again.The second time an error is raised saying that the field xxxx is not bound to a datacolumn.

I actually forgot to bind one text field to a column, but shouldn't the error be shown even in the first call of the dialog?

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asked 01 Oct '12, 07:52

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Vlisidis Akis
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Hi Vlisidis,

We show that error message when user sets a value to the field by an API or by typing to the field.

In your case, when you delete the row, Formspider engine sets a null value to all fields which are bound to the specified datasource. And when there is a field without a column, Formspider raises the error.



answered 01 Oct '12, 08:50

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Samet Basaran
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I don't think we should raise an error in this case Samet, do you agree? Or am I missing something?

(01 Oct '12, 10:20) Yalim K. Gerger ♦♦

Without the column attribute application cannot run properly. So we need to warn user about the missing column attribute. This could be an error message(while saving XML or running application) or a warning message on debug window. We have chosen raising an error while running the application. Lets have a meeting and evaluate the behavior again.

(01 Oct '12, 11:03) Samet Basaran
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