I am building a kind of document management app. I have in a table documents stored as blobs. These documents are mostly pdf, doc, xls and dwf (autodesk drawing) format. I want to have a controlled way (see security and audit) to have access to the documents. How can I do it using formspider API?

A workaround could be to serve them by using htp.p but that means that the databse should be exposed to the net.


asked 30 Sep '12, 13:13

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Vlisidis Akis
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Hi Michiel, This is the same exact code I already use in APEX, but it is not working in formspider. It looks like oracle is serving the data, but they are not going through tomcat to the client. In fact when I click the download button, that calls this procedure nothing happens in the client. I checked that the procedure is called by putting a popupmesssage. I'm thinking to pass the call to apache and let apache serve the file through mod_plsql but is not an elegant solution.

(A hint: just before owa_util.mime_header put a owa.num_cgi_vars := 0; to overcomme an oracle bug).

Best Regards.


answered 01 Oct '12, 02:39

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Vlisidis Akis
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OK, i see. I use this also in Apex and I didn't actually test this in Formspider (yet). Thinking about it, in Apex i call this through a javascript function that opens a popup. Maybe in Formspider we have to call it via a javascript external method. I will have to test this.

Btw, thanks for the hint ;)

(01 Oct '12, 02:57) Michiel A

Hı Michiel and Vlisidis, Instead of using the htp package and javascript, you can implement a servlet that retrieves the blob from the db and provide download functionality. Then, you can use this servlet through api_application.fileDownload API. Regards, Ibrahim

(01 Oct '12, 03:24) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦

Hi Ibrahim,

You are right. I was going the wrong direction with this..

Best, Michiel

(01 Oct '12, 05:41) Michiel A

Hi Vlisidis,

You can download a file existing in a specific URL using api_application.fileDownload API. However, for instance, Formspider does not provide an out of the box solution to download a document stored in the db.

I have created a feature request in our issue tracking system about this case and put it to the candidate list for version 1.3. I will keep this post updated.

Best Regards, Ibrahim


answered 01 Oct '12, 03:08

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Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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Hi Vlisidis,

Since version 1.3.0, you can use api_datasource.download API to download a document stored in the db.


(08 Apr '13, 09:33) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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