I have simple javascript function: function SetData(value) { alert(value) } When i invoke this function with api_externalMethod.invoke.... with parameter varchar2 or clob (length 200 symbols) all is ok. But when i call with long clob (lengt more then 4000 ), i don't get message from javascript.

pls/sql code: ..............

  v_params_t('0').value_cl := p_clob;
  api_externalMethod.invoke('set_js', v_params_t);

From formspider i don't get any error or something, if i run application in debug mode, debug console show exception "ERROR : BDF_ExternalMethod.actionInvoke missing ) after argument list undefined undefined";

How i cn solve this problem

Formspider version 1.8


asked 20 Jul '18, 02:20

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edited 20 Jul '18, 02:28


There is a bug in your version but it doesn't seem to be about the length of the parameter but the content of it.

As a workaround, please add the following javascript at the end of your main.jsp file but inside the body tag.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

<script type="text/javascript">
BDF_ExternalMethod.prototype.actionInvoke = function(params) {
  var methodInvokedEvent = this.events[BDF_EventTypes.methodInvoked];
  if (methodInvokedEvent)
    this.isRequiresCallBack = !(methodInvokedEvent.isImmediate);

  var evalStr = 'window.fsExternalMethod = function(/*hidden_params*/) { return '+ this.signature + '.apply(this, arguments); }';
  this.lastSuccessful = BDF_Constant.booleanFalse;
  try {
    this.lastReturn = window.fsExternalMethod.apply(window, params) || BDF_Constant.nullValue;
    this.lastSuccessful = BDF_Constant.booleanTrue;
  } catch (err){
    BDF_Debug.logError("BDF_ExternalMethod.actionInvoke "+err.message+" "+err.description+" "+err.lineNumber);
  if (methodInvokedEvent) {
    var extMethodCompletedAction = function() { 
      this.sentDelta = false;
      BDF_Manager.sendingNestedEvent = true;
      BDF_Request.sendExternalMethodEvent.defer(1, BDF_Request, [methodInvokedEvent, this.getInstanceOID()]);

    extMethodCompletedAction.defer(1, this);

answered 23 Jul '18, 05:52

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Serdar ♦♦
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Hi Serdar,

After this change stop working another functionality. Like Get data (Before working:) )

...js function
function editorGetData (editor_name) {
    return   CKEDITOR.instances[editor_name].document.getBody().getHtml()

...DB side 
procedure get is
   l_params_t api_externalMethod.tt_params;
    l_params_t('0').value_tx := 'html_code-mainPanel'; 
    api_externalMethod.invoke (in_externalmethodname_tx => 'CKeditor_getdata'
                              ,in_params_t              =>l_params_t);

procedure post_externalMethod is
    v_result_cl        clob;
    if api_externalMethod.issuccessful('CKeditor_getdata') = 'Y' then
        v_result_cl := api_externalMethod.getresult('CKeditor_getdata');
        if v_result_cl is not null then 
        end if;
    end if;
(23 Jul '18, 07:34) AlfAbetas

I don't see what is wrong. What is the error message?

(23 Jul '18, 08:40) Serdar ♦♦

Hi Serdar,

I don't get any error. But when i see not fire "Post method completed" from EXTHTERNAL_METHOD. "Post method completed" invoke db procedure "post_externalMethod" procedure text you can see from previous post.

Log from debuger.

INFO : 24-07-2018 08:54:12 PREAPPLYDELTA Event is called
INFO : 24-07-2018 08:54:12 PREAPPLYDELTA Event Not found
INFO : 24-07-2018 08:54:12 BUTTONPRESS Event is called
INFO : 24-07-2018 08:54:12 BUTTONPRESS event is found
INFO : 24-07-2018 08:54:12 HTML.GET Program Unit is called
INFO : 24-07-2018 08:54:12 End of BUTTONPRESS event
INFO : 24-07-2018 08:54:12 POSTINVOKEAPPLICATION Event is called
INFO : 24-07-2018 08:54:12 POSTINVOKEAPPLICATION Event Not found
(24 Jul '18, 02:01) AlfAbetas
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