Hi there! Finally things start to lift off here with formspider. I'm currently trying to show how nice it would be for management(!) to replace static Excel graphics with dynamically generated formspider charts (meeting is on feb. 25th)

I need a hint how to rotate the text of the +20 X-axis values 45° so that the texts won't overlap.

Any ideas?

edit: I think I found the location in the formspider weboutput controlling chart X-axis texts:

<text style="text-anchor: middle; font: normal normal normal normal 9px Verdana;" x="0" y="0" text-anchor="middle" font="10px &quot;Arial&quot;" stroke="none" fill="#000000" font-family="Verdana" font-size="9px" transform="matrix(1,0,0,1,159.65,776.5)"><tspan dy="4">Riecher</tspan></text>

If someone could point mit to the location of the source (.css ?) for that piece of HTML/CSS code I could modify it to read matrix(0.7,0.7,-0.7,0.7 .... to inject a dirty turn 45° right hack, preferrably only affecting chart X-axes ;)

Of course, a feature to control that from formspider panel source would be desirabel in the long run...


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