I'd like to offer users a "generic display tool" für arbitrary views. They'd enter the view's name, I'd look up the properties (columns, types) and create/change the contents of the "content display panel" at runtime. As this would affect all users of the app, it renders that part basically "single concurrent user". I'm interested if I can change the app at runtime, considering that all properties are stored in formspider-tables that should work. Background: I managed to deploy basic SQL Query knowledge to the CIO. When he creates/tweaks the design of on of his views it woudl be great to "update" die FS app to reflect his new columns etc.

Alternative would be skripting. I'd like to skript-generate FS panels according to certain business views, lets say overnight. In that case I'd loop through all views applicable and (re)create a fresh panel (and a separate tab) for each of them. How would I do that?

Currently I only see the super ugly option of designing a 300 fields wide view display panel where I dynamically set fields' width-prop., visible-prop., heading(?) and replace the datasource with one extending the traget view to have 300 columns. (can I actually change a datasource's query text at runtime?)

So the basic question is: can I change a FS app's panels at runtime, by writing to the FS dictionary tables?

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Sorry for the late reply. I've been on the road.

Yes, creating FS objects is possibel using FS API's. Let me refresh my memory first and I'll point you in the right direction. (It's been a while since we've coded these API's :-) ). But yes, what you are asking is possible.

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That awesome! Please do point out how one would

1 Add a new datasource (based on a view)

2 Populate that datasource with columns

3 create a new panel with a grid

4 tie that grid to all the datasources' columns

(I know how I add a Tab, and a think I know how I bind a named panel to a tab, 1-4 ist what I'm lacking)

(26 Nov '17, 09:39) dipr

Hi Yalim, already got any examples how to achieve that?

thx Peter

(01 Apr '18, 08:41) dipr
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