Hi everybody, working with 1.9

I want to migrate/install the formspider framework (version 1.9) to/on another server. Which is the best way to avoid unwanted changes to the database schema. The database runs on a dedicated server and should remain unchanged. Is it sufficient to install only the Formspider Middle Tier Components? Are the remaining components in the database?

Regards, Andreas Ziemer

asked 05 Oct '17, 05:42

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Hi Andreas,

If I understand you correctly, you want to move the Formspider Middle Tier components to another server and keep the database components in the same database?

Formspider has three layers:

1) The Database Layer. This layer runs the applications. It has the application state information. Pretty much everything is here.

2) Middle Tier Layer: This laye has some Java code to facilitate the communication between the database and the server. It also has the assets such as icons, pictures and multilingual files etc... Middle tier also serves the third layer, the Formspider JavaScript Library.

3) The third layer is the JavaScript Library that runs in client's browser.

So if you'd like to move the middle tier to another server and keep the database where it is, make sure that the new installation can communicate with the database that has the Formspider Database Layer installation.

Hope this helps

Kind Regards,


answered 05 Oct '17, 12:43

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Yalim ♦♦
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Hi Yalim,

Unfortunately I can't find the compatible download file for a manual installation. I'm working with 1.9. What to consider when using version 1.11? Is it possible to upgrade the database Layer during the installation of the new Middle Tier components without damaging the Database Layer?

Kind regards, Andreas


answered 06 Oct '17, 03:36

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