Hi everybody. Can I give a parameter in a action? for example

<button label="" 'divide="" x'=""> <events> <buttonpress action="calcule(x,12,12,'add',12)"/> </events> </button>

If this action can be a direct call to a function, procedure or package it would be great.

Also if literals can be a function call for example label='&calcule(x,y)'


asked 05 Sep '17, 20:17

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Hi Jose,

No. You should read values from the application using the api_component.getXXX API's inside a PL/SQL procedure.

I understand that this might seem cumbersome at first. However, having all the code of an application in one place (i.e. the database) has tremendous advantages in terms of code management and debugging.

If Formspider allowed writing code in the IDE, then every time there is something you wanted to debug, you'd have to look at two different places; the code in the FS app and the database (kind of like Oracle Forms).

At first, this doesn't seem like a big deal, but while managing a big application over a long period of time, having code in one place only makes life really easy for developers.

Kind Regards,


answered 05 Sep '17, 20:58

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