Hi everybody working with FS 1.9

When I'm working with a panel, that for example, call a dialog or I can open a new panel in a cell inside the panel, and inside this dialog, I open another panel, with a different datasource, and I can do with the new Datasource any operation? or Not? or I must to keep working with the same datasource during the dialog or the new panel load?

Regards everybody.

asked 03 Sep '17, 12:24

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Hi Jose,

Yes, you can do any operation. Datasources and Panels are separate objects. Components bind to datasources. One component can bind to one datasource or to one datasource column.

Roughly, the ERD model is something like this:

Panel ----< Component Datasource-----< Component

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


answered 05 Sep '17, 16:09

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Yalim ♦♦
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Hi Yalim. Thanks for your answer.

I ask this, because I'm having problems when I change the working datasource.

For example, from a normal grid panel, with datasource1 I jump to a Dialog where I have a form with a datasource2, when I try to manage the form behavior I'm having problems.

The most probably, I suppose I don't know, is that there is any api method to tell the system now work with this datasource.

For example, see from the moment that a grid panel datasource cannot have a table and must to have a query or a view, you cannot modify, or add or delete any row directly in the grid so you need a form based on the table, so you jump from the grid to the form and back to grid when you finish. In this case you need 2 datasources, one for the grid and other for the form, but when you load the form, you need to query for the record, in this moment I have a system fault, probably because I'm not giving the right api to use.

Ok, I follow testing this. Regards.


answered 05 Sep '17, 20:08

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You can set your grid's property editable to N in order to prevent users from editing records in grid:

<grid name="gridCom" editable="N" datasource="COM_V1" ....=""/>

and you can use the SAME dataSource ("COM_V1" in my example) in your form to edit data in your table/view. This way, form and grid will always be in sync.

Good luck!



answered 19 Sep '17, 07:36

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