Can you explain what exactly the "Use Global Dataset" does and maybe give an example of when you generically would want to use this setting?


asked 21 Sep '12, 04:52

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Michiel A
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Global dataset means that every formspider session uses the same datasource instance. The same rowset is shared by all Formspider sessions.

When the datasource query is executed, if there are rows in the datasource regardless which session the rows belongs to, the query is not executed. Instead, existing rowset is used. So that we don't create the same rowset for each session.

It is thought to use global dataset as combo box list datasource which is changed rarely. For instance it can be used for the list of gender component. Elements are male and female and doesn't change.

If an update on the elements is needed, than the datasource should be truncated. This means, all the rows of the dsi_... table should be deleted.


answered 21 Sep '12, 07:35

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Ugur Kocak ♦
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Hi Ugur,

Thanks for the explanation.

Best, Michiel

(21 Sep '12, 08:02) Michiel A
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