Hi formspider team,

I have a datasource with a unique NOT visible primary key and other columns are being displayed on a panel. The underlying table contains thousands of rows, however, after every query there will be only 150-200 rows in the datasource. The panel grid shows 5 rows at the time.

The current row depends on other settings on the form. So, after querying the DS the panel should set focus to the appropriate current row with this procedure:


This works correctly. When i scroll the datasource i can see the current row being highlighted. However, the panel does NOT show this current row. It always shows the first 5 rows. Which are almost never the current row.

I tried this to make this panel show the current row automatically:

api_component.setValue - has not effect at all
api_component.setselectedrowid - will not work, because the primary key is (offcourse) not visible

Is there any other way to male the current row visible?

Kind regards, Jan Willem

PS. I have seen a few similar questions, but none of them offers the solution.

asked 26 Jun '17, 10:38

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Hi Jan Willem,

When I tried to use


the grid highlights the appropriate row, scrolls down/up to it and shows it correctly. So, I couldn't reproduce your issue. Can you send a sample application or design XML sample?

Kind Regards Serdar


answered 03 Jul '17, 05:20

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Serdar ♦♦
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