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I predefined a grid state for a specific user role. When a user having that role is looged in, I load the predefined grid state from a table and set grid state using api_component.setGridState...

The problem is, the user could show/hide columns he is not allowed to see in his assigned grid state.

Ofcourse, I could use enableColumnHide="N" in the grid (which I actually do), but this setting affects ALL the users of the panel containig the grid.

The question is how could I limit the columns a user may show/hide to those which have visible="Y" in his initial grid state?

Thank you!

asked 16 Feb '17, 08:52

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Hi Cezar,

I think this falls under user authorisation. So you should be able to use Formspider user autorization repository to achieve what you want. You can assign security keys to visible, editable and enable attributes of all Formspider components. These security keys return Y (true) if the logged in user has the security key and N (false) if she doesn't.

Looking at the grid, the column tag has a visible attribute. So this should work.

You can also encrypt the datasource definition attributes the same way. You can assign security keys to each attributes and as long as the user does not have the key, the values for these secured attributes will never be transferred to the UI.

For more information on Formspider Security please read: http://theformspider.com/learningcenter/using-formspider-security-repository/

Kind Regards,


answered 16 Feb '17, 19:28

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Thank you for your sugestions, Yalim. I've tried security keys, but some errors occurs from time to time when using them at datasource/column level.

Speaking about security keys, it would be nice, when one defines a key, to have a PARENT_KEY field to optionally use, in order for us to develop a key hierachy, so when a user has a key, the API can assumes that she has all the key beneath the given key. In this case, a non-leaf key would be a role.

Thank you!


answered 17 Feb '17, 05:48

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Hi Cezar,

If there are errors with security keys, please let us know and we'll fix them.

We don't have hierarchies in roles yet (We think roles would be a better place to implement hierarchy) but most of the use cases can be covered without an hierarchy in roles.

Kind Regards, Yalim

(20 Feb '17, 16:48) formspider ♦♦
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