Hi Yalim & Team - I am trying to import SRDEMO application, and received the error message -"Cannot find Application "FormspiderIDE".

Based on one of your response to a different person, I tried checking the below. It looks like all the records are present. I am able to create a new application without any issues.

SELECT * FROM t_bdf_application WHERE name_tx = 'FormspiderIDE'; -- 1 row selected.

SELECT 'P_' || p.bdf_panel_oid FROM t_bdf_panel p, t_bdf_application a WHERE a.bdf_application_oid = p.bdf_application_oid AND a.name_tx = 'FormspiderIDE'; -- 408 rows selected.

I also see all those 408 packages one for each one of them.

Can you please point me where am I missing.

Thank you. Viswa

asked 03 Feb '17, 13:46

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Not sure the exact cause, however I suspect the installation of Formspider was not done properly on my end because of the system tablespace being full.

I tried re-installing Formspider. I got the message SYSTEM tablespace is almost full and if I want to proceed. I have added the space before I continue.

Installation is successful.

I tried importing SRDEMO, and it is successful.

The only thing I want to point is - When we select the SRDEMO.xml file to be imported from the dialog box, the text box where it is supposed to display the entire path of the file it is still showing c:\temp\fakepath\SRDMO.xml. For me, it appears to be hardcoded somewhere, however I was not able to find it in Formspider schema.

Other than that it went smooth this time, once I re-install the Formspider.

Thank you, Viswa


answered 13 Feb '17, 10:42

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accept rate: 11%

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