Hello everybody,

I was wondering if any of you have used Formspider in an Agile environment. If yes please share some experiences on what worked and not worked for you.

I've been reading through the questions and someone tried to use Selenium with Formspider. I was wondering how possible is the use of other tools for automation in other parts of the process such as Cucumber for example.

Formspider is a cool tool and it helps saving a lot of time in development but I wanted to know what would be a good start of it in Agile.

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Hi Freddy,

Excellent question. Agile includes a lot of things and aspects. From a technical implementation perspective, I guess it is obvious that an agile team needs a good version control system. A goof agile team would use one that doesn't block its developers but allows them to move freely. So one can make a reasonable argument that a truly agile team would use a distributed version control system.

Formspider is the only application development framework that I know of in the PL/SQL world that has built-in integration with Git, the prominent distributed version control software used by millions of developers.

Formspider applications can be tested with Selenium. Our own test suit for Formspider is actually built with Selenium.

Cucumber looks very interesting. We haven't spent time using it though. I don't see why it would not work with Formspider though.

At some point we plan to add a full testing suite to Formspider. So cucumber can be very useful when we implement this feature.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards


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