Hi team,

I have the following situation.

1) A table with 4 not null auditing columns created_by, creation_date, updated_by and last_update_date.

2) A pre-insert trigger on that table to enter all four values based on the logged in user and sysdate.

3) A pre-update trigger to enter the two update columns.

When i create a record in Formspider, these four columns are not actually set in the application itself. I rely on the triggers. Then this happens:

1) Create a record. I see all four columns getting a value. So this works fine.

2) Update immediately the same record after committing the insert. This fails with a message that the four columns may not be set to NULL.

This is not good offcourse. My conclusion is that after the insert, the record is not completely refreshed with all values from the database. Offcourse in the datasource definition the columns have been indicated as updateable.

Is this intented behaviour? Or should the record in the application be refreshed and is this a bug?

It is important because there are also columns set to default values in the database. When the record is NOT fully refreshed, i have to set all these columns in the application before the insert actually takes place.

Kind regards, Jan Willem

asked 11 Oct '16, 08:31

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By the way, a work-around is to set these 4 columns to NOT updateable. There they are completely left out (i presume) in the DML-statements processed by formspider. However, it is probably not a good solution, because the last-update-date is also used as the concurrency column.


answered 11 Oct '16, 09:43

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