How is Formspider better than APEX? How is it worse?

asked 21 Feb '11, 04:42

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I would like to answer your second question first: How is Formspider worse than APEX?

Formspider is worse than APEX in a lot of aspects. Aside from the obvious political clout and marketing power imbalances, there are technical aspects that APEX is clearly better.

For example, APEX is at version 4.0. We just launched our public beta. APEX is more robust and has more features.

APEX is developed by Oracle. Formspider is the product of cooperation of two small companies, Dulcian and Gerger. We clearly cannot compete with Oracle in terms of development resources.

APEX is free. Formspider, even though it is cheap, is not free.

APEX has a large community around it. We virtually have none.

There are many tutorials, books, workshops, training courses and what not out there if someone wants to learn APEX. As of today there are 6 (six) tutorials on our web site.

If you want help in developing your APEX project, consultants will line up for you. With Formspider, it is us or no one. Not a great position to be if you are choosing a development platform for your company.

To me, it is obvious that any reasonable PL/SQL Developer should be avoiding Formspider like the plague.

Thank God we are not looking for them.

We are looking for PL/SQL Developers who worked with many web frameworks out there but had this little uncomfortable feeling that didn’t go away while using them, developers who searched for an alternative, or even tried to build mini frameworks of their own, attempted to include JavaScript libraries to their applications and wondered why the heck do they have to do all this work, when even ten years ago Oracle Forms let them build great applications with just PL/SQL. We are looking for PL/SQL Developers who want not only their Forms back, but want it better adapted to the needs of our time. We are searching for unreasonable people. We are looking for the crazy, the visionary, the dreamer.

Thank God we are looking for them in the PL/SQL Community.

Now, back to the first question. How is Formspider better?

I have noticed that you registered to our beta program. Thank you very much. Now that you have the opportunity to try out the framework, I would like to let you find the answer of this question yourself. The entire team is looking forward to your feedback.


Yalim K. Gerger


answered 21 Feb '11, 04:43

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answered 07 Mar '11, 04:24

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