How can I open up a combobox dropdown using only keyboard? Same question with regard to LOV. Is there a link between a field and the LOV attached so we can expand a LOV when a keycombination is pressed and the cursor is in that field?

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Hi Cezar,

If you press Down Arrow, combobox dropdown should appear.

To let LOV text field open the actual LOV dialog, use the focusGain Event and call API in the correspondent Action.

Kind Regards Serdar


answered 02 Jun '16, 10:03

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Serdar ♦♦
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Hello Serdar,

This is the combo when the field just gain focus:Combo when the filed just gain focus

Now, Down Arrow has no effect at all, Page Down opens combo, but with just one line, coresponding to the value that is already entered("PORUMB" in our case). Del, Backspace or Spacebar open combo with a full list of values probablly due to partial search feature you implemented, but intuitive key combinations(Down Arrow, Control+Down Arrow, Enter) have no effect at all.

We use internet explorere 11.306....

Thank you for your time, Cezar


answered 03 Jun '16, 02:56

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