Judging by my searches I pretty sure I know the answer to this, but thought I'd ask anyway

I have a requirement to show users an expanded tree of parts needed to build an item, so for instance if say I have a car it would show which parts attach to which parts. The user has the ability to search for parts and then to highlight those parts in the tree.

At the moment I don't think FS can show an expanded tree???

Has anyone had any success using 3rd party javascript plugin??

Cheers Simon

asked 25 May '16, 06:00

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Hi Simon,

Doesn't api_treenode API's package have the procedures you need?


answered 25 May '16, 06:30

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Yalim ♦♦
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what I need is the tree to be expanded and show all nodes when the tree first displays.... is that possible?


answered 25 May '16, 08:48

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Yes, I think so. There isn't a single API to do this but I think it can be done using a combination of API's in the api_treenode package.

Basically, you have to add/create the child nodes of every node in the tree (the populateChildren API) and then expand each node in the tree (expand API).

The trick is as you populate the tree with children of parent nodes, there will be new nodes which themselves might be parent nodes. So you need to do this recursively. :-)

If you are driving the tree with a datasource (or datasources) you might need to set the bind variables correctly each time you are trying to produce new nodes from your datasource.

You might expand the nodes immediately after you add the child nodes or you might want to go over the list of nodes currently in the tree and expand them one by one. (T_BDF_TREEINS table). The second option is a hack but it's an innocent hack. :-)

Kind Regards,

(25 May '16, 10:12) Yalim ♦♦
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