Hi folks,

this might be a simple question, but unfortunately we are having a problem with it.

When a multiple users are working within an application, a data-sources are not being refreshed after change. If one user modifies data, the other one can see changes until logout/login.

When should be a datasource refreshed?

Example: A simple application stores a list of user in one screen, and in some other screen uses a user's datasource as combobox list. Two users are logged at the same time within application. User "A" makes some modifications in user's screen and then goes to other page, where a combobox is being used. Data are being a refreshed here (done by execute query for datasource after insert commit) - this works only within session, so user "A" is lets say OK. But when user "B" checks a page with combobox, data are not refreshed. User "B" has to perform an execute query at some point (when?) to be able to see changes.

Thanks, Tomas

asked 14 Sep '12, 00:10

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Hi Tomas,

I think you want to push the new list to the session B when A modifies it. This is not possible for now.

You can use LOV (with autorefresh attribute selected) instead of combobox, so that you can refresh the list each time when the user open it.


answered 14 Sep '12, 00:53

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Ugur Kocak ♦
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Hi Ugur, yes, exactly, I would like to push a new list to session B, resp to all other sessions :(

Thanks, Tomas


answered 14 Sep '12, 01:14

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This is such a rare need. Do the comboboxes really have to be that sensetive? Exeduting the query on the combo box before it shows up is usually more than good enough. You can also add a refresh button next to the combo box.

(15 Sep '12, 08:25) Yalim K. Gerger ♦♦

Yes, most of comboboxes could be replaced with textfield LOVs, but in general in multi session application it could happen that a combobox datasource would need to be refreshed in active session (as i general, user don't know if there was any data change or not).

(16 Sep '12, 12:37) Tomeo
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