hello All,

I am a newbie here. And am trying my hand at saving an updated record.

I get this message while using api_application.showPopupMessage('test');

ora-31020: The operation is not allowed, Reason: Invalid pl/sql DOM handle.

The api_application.docommit does not work either.

Regards, Ajit

asked 06 Apr '16, 08:43

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Ajit Mathew
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Hi Ajit,

Could you please attach, paste your applications export file here along with the PL/SQL code you wrote for the application.

Kind Regards, Yalim

(06 Apr '16, 09:01) Yalim ♦♦

Hello Yalim,

I did the export. No idea where the file is stored though.

Regards Ajit

(06 Apr '16, 09:07) Ajit Mathew

Hi Ajit,

Try using Chrome. When you finsh the export, the browser starts a download of the file and in Chrome, you can access this file from the bottom of the browser window. It is usually in the default download folder of your computer.

(06 Apr '16, 09:13) Yalim ♦♦

=========== PASTE - III ===========


PROCEDURE SAVE AS BEGIN api_application.docommit(); exception when api_exception.e_concurrencyViolation then api_application.showPopupMessage('This dept has already been edited by another user. Please click "Refresh" to access most recent details.');


procedure refresh as begin api_datasource.refreshCurrentRow('DEPT1'); end;


Regards, Ajit

(07 Apr '16, 02:19) Ajit Mathew

Hello Yalim,

I got it working now. Chrome made life a lot more easier for me. Sorry for the trouble. There is one issue though. The exception api_exception.e_concurrencyViolation isnt firing. No probs i will figure that out too. Thanks and regards

Regards, Ajit

(07 Apr '16, 03:52) Ajit Mathew

Hello Yalim,

The e_concurrencyViolation exception is now firing. I had missed reading about the before update triger. All is fine now. Thank you,

Regards, Ajit

(07 Apr '16, 04:40) Ajit Mathew
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The question has been closed for the following reason "Solved" by Ajit Mathew 12 Apr '16, 00:00

Hi Ajit,

Happy to hear that the issue is resolved! :-)

Kind Regards,


answered 07 Apr '16, 16:17

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Yalim ♦♦
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