I have datasource based on a view with instead of update trigger(it works) and an artificial primary key is built. But DML checkboxes are gray settings and dropdown list contains only "None". Yes, the view contains"group by" clause. Can I use this view as a datasource of a grid to update data (using the trigger)? Thanks, Inna.

asked 01 Feb '16, 03:25

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Hi Inna,

It seems like your Datasorce Definition is missing a mandatory column. This is why you don't see any candidates for primary key in your combobox. No problem though. All you need to do is to mark a column as mandatory so that if can show up in the Primary Key combobox.

To make a column mandatory select the column under the columns node, in the navigation panel on the left of the Datasource Definition Dialog. The go back to the main screen of the Dialog. The column you made mandatory will show up in the Primary Key combobox. Finally, do not forget to check one or more of the Insert, Update, Delete checkboxes depending on which operations you want to enable.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards


answered 01 Feb '16, 05:37

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Thanks a lot, Yalim. It works.


answered 01 Feb '16, 07:08

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Cool! Happy to help Inna!

(01 Feb '16, 11:41) Yalim ♦♦
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