We are working now on oracle forms and the application contains many forms (fmb) and we have main form by this form we can call other forms for that we don't have big file and this is the best structure and better than to put your big application in one file.

for that. what is the best architecture in formspider for big application (1500 oracle forms)?

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Hi Mohammad,

I highly recommend you to check out this discussion on the Q&A page which covers a lot of the topics related to your question.

In Formspider, the applications are not stored in files. There are no .fmb's. The application is stored in a relational database as rows in tables. So you don't need to worry about the size of your application. It can have 1500 screens or 15000 screens. It does not matter. You can build it as a single application and that's OK. This would not effect the performance of the application. Formspider only sends the screens to the client that he/she actually used. Screens the user didn't use do not consume any resources. This is handled by the framwork without any additional effort required by the developer.

Without knowing anything about your application, if I had to guess, most of these 1500 Forms are probably for maintaining meta-data (in other words, reference tables like valid list of values for a particular field). So an idea would be to create one Formspider application to maintain this meta data (most users probably won't use this application) and you can create a second Formspider application that the users actually access every day.

This is not a hard and fast rule, you can put create only one application or three or four but in general the trend we've seen is that people who succeed with Formspider tend to create one or two (one for meta data and one for the actual app) applications for the system to work.

Developers usually use good naming conventions in Formspider UI Objects to distinguish the screens that belong to different logical modules in the system. For example in the Formspider IDE (which itself is a Formspider application) parts that are related to source control are prefixed with SC_ and parts that are related to access control are prefixed with AC_.

As I said, there is a great discussion about this topic in the link I shared. Many developers who succeeded with Formspider shared their thoughts on this topic.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


answered 09 Dec '15, 07:12

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