During the testing of our app, its been reported that clicking buttons into fields etc don't seem to be registering.... users have to click twice for instance in order to get a button to function.

At first I put this down to "user error", but after I few more compliants I've been able to successfully replicate this issue.

I've put some debug code into the button I'm replicating the issue with and most of the time the button functions as it should and I see the debug in the debug window. Occasionally nothing happens and the output I see in the debug window is this, I've noticed

: Events are not being suspended.

: Events are being suspended.


: Events are not being suspended.

and sometimes the NULL REQUEST is missing, I've noticed since the 1.9 upgrade that the Events are not.... messages have started appearing.... not sure what it means but wondering could the user be "hitting" the button while events are suspended if thats what it means?


asked 25 Nov '15, 03:58

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Hi Simon,

This message may appear sometimes when user send events that he shouldn't have. However, your issue seems like a bug as you explained.

Right now, we cannot reproduce it. It would be great if you send a sample application to enable us to reproduce and investigate the issue further.

Regards Serdar


answered 25 Nov '15, 04:33

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Serdar ♦♦
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I need to check to see if i can send you something, but before I do that .... is it just the XML you need or do you need the complete app? DB packages etc?

(25 Nov '15, 05:02) apacheuk

Just the XMLs are enough.

(25 Nov '15, 05:06) Serdar ♦♦

on its way

(25 Nov '15, 05:31) apacheuk

Hi Simon,

Can you tell us more about the scenario? For example, In which panel it occurs? IS it happening inside grid components? What is the sequence of events you did to reproduce this issue? Does it happen when you make click quickly or it doesn't matter at all?


(25 Nov '15, 07:37) Serdar ♦♦

have sent you some more info and a video of the error occuring. speed of clicking does not seem to make any differnce

(25 Nov '15, 08:18) apacheuk

I have the same behavior in IE when loading an app or after pressing a button. Here is an example -

: Events are being suspended. : NULL REQUEST : Events are not being suspended. : Events are being suspended. : NULL REQUEST : Events are not being suspended.

It's not an issue for me as it is visible in debug window only.


answered 05 May '16, 17:13

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Ilia Sazonov
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