Dear Formspider team,

via a button click (api_dialog.setvisible) I am invoking a dialog (modal) to execute an action using a postShow event. While the action is being executed, the dialog is not visible until the action has been completed. I would expect the dialog to be displayed while the postShow is executing. Could you please give me some feedback why it is behaving this way?

Kind regards, Abeba

asked 30 Oct '15, 11:32

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Hi Abeba,

Yes, the dialog would not show up until after the post show event execution is completed. The name of the event is a little misleading, indeed. Maybe we should do something about the name of the event.

You see, the event is actually being executed in the server, not on the client. From the Formspider Engine's point of view, the postShow event fires right after the dialog is set to visible via the Formspider PL/SQL API setVisible is called, not after the dialog is actually shown to the user (that would require another trip to the server from the client machine). So the event fires when the dialog's visible attribute value is set to Y.

I'd like to take a step back and ask you what you are trying to achieve in your application with this event. Maybe we can find a better place to execute your logic. Postshow event is a rarely used event.

Kind Regards,


answered 02 Nov '15, 02:30

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Hi Yalim,

thanks so much for the explanation. The aim was to show users a popup dialog (modal) while importing file and prevent them from executing another action while importing. I have already found a work around for it. I thought the postshow event would still display the modal dialog while excuting. I was misled by the event name as you mentioned ; )

Kind regards, Abeba


answered 02 Nov '15, 03:57

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