Hi Formspider team,

I was wondering how the htmlEditor component works. I want to create some text with markup to be able to render a nice text content with the htmlRenderer. I created a cell with the htmlEditor in it, but i only get a non editable text box without any controls.

Can you explain how this should work, or am i misunderstanding the function of the htmlEditor?

Thanks, Michiel

asked 03 Sep '12, 11:45

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Michiel A
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You should set its value to an html such as:
<span style="font-weight:bold;"> Hello </span>
I know its name is confusing but it will be changed in future releases.
What you should know for now is:
HTMLEditor gets an html end renders it (api_component.setValue),
HTMLRenderer gets a URL and renders it (api_component.setURL).


answered 03 Sep '12, 13:05

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oskansavli ♦♦
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edited 03 Sep '12, 13:06

Hi Oskan,

OK, that is clear. I though the htmlEditor was something like CKEditor. So there is currently no text editor component in Formspider? I feel a change request coming soon.. ;)

Thanks, Michiel

(03 Sep '12, 14:03) Michiel A
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