Our Formspider environment is hosted on a webserver behind an SSL-offloader. On the server itself everything is in HTTP mode. The SSL-offloader translates every HTTP statement into HTTPS.

When we run our application on Apple with browser Safari, we get this error message on every click / action we are doing:

This is a non-secure form.
This form will be sent in a way that is not secure. Are you sure you want to send it?
Cancel Send

Whatever we choose, the application is NOT working normally. So we have to fix this.

I have inspected the application in Internet Explorer and Chrome and can only see calls in the HTTPS protocol. So i guess this is a Safari problem. Google gives thousands of similar hits when you search for non-secure form.

Does anyone recognize this problem and could it be solved?

Kind regards, Jan Willem Vermeer

asked 25 Oct '15, 05:14

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Jan Willem V...
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yesterday a user showed me this problem on Safari and it is clear: the application can not be executed with that browser. As far as i can see only httpS urls are being executed. However, an important reasons to choose for Formspider is that it would work on every browser... And exactly on the platform with most complaining users (because everything that is NOT Apple is NOT good...) this happens.

Kind regards, Jan Willem


answered 03 Nov '15, 02:48

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Jan Willem V...
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