Hi all,

A dateField can be declarated with a dateformat like DD-MON-YYYY but dates are always displayed in English. How can i set this to Dutch?

Also, is it possible to set the datepicker to Dutch?

Kind regards, Jan Willem Vermeer

asked 28 Sep '15, 11:06

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Jan Willem V...
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Hi Jan,

Date values inside dateFields directly come from database; and Formspider never changes users data implicitly. To make it in Dutch, you need to set NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE at database level.

On the other hand, we can change language of the labels in the date-picker of dateField component. However, Dutch is not present in Formspider as built-in. If you share the translations of the labels, we'll gladly add Dutch into Formspider.

Regards, Serdar


answered 30 Sep '15, 07:16

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Serdar ♦♦
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Hi Serdar,

i can not change the NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE in the database because then countless processes of (not my own) software will fail. But even if i could, why not make it depending on the language set by the user? If you change your applications from Turkish to English, do the datefields always stick to Turkish because that's your db language?

In the IDE i have changed the Decimal/Thousand Separator by adding Dutch. Is there already an enhancement request to enter the nls_date_language in that panel?

For what i can see now in the calender, you need this translation:

Months: januari, februari, maart, april, mei, juni, juli, augustus, september, oktober, november, december (note: no capitals)
Days: z m d w d v z (our weeks start on Monday but that might be too difficult)
Today: vandaag

Did you mean this?

Kind regards, Jan Willem


answered 30 Sep '15, 08:43

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Hi Serdar,

this is already a year ago :) Is there any progress in formatting datefields in other languages?

Kind regards, Jan Willem


answered 06 Oct '16, 15:42

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Jan Willem V...
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HI Jan Willem,

We will add Dutch translations to Formspider and send it to you.

Kind Regards,

(12 Oct '16, 10:16) Yalim ♦♦
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