Is it correct that currently within a given formspider web-session (browsertab) one can only display one single instance of any panel?

(hence no MDI. No way on can design a customer panel and show 5 separate instance of it?)

So we have to run a formspider app (customer) in a separate Browser Tab to create an MDI user interface, but these bowser tabs share a single set of formspider session variables, which can be used for cross browser tab communication, correct?

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Formspider Panels are actual objects. They are not classes of which you can create an instance of. The Formspider Panel itself is an instance, an object.

You can certainly create multiple browser tabs. But there are also other options. For example, you could work with Formspider tabs. You could have one "CustomerPanel" and move this panel between tabs where each tab represents a different customer. So you'd change the data the "CustomerPanel" shows each time the user clicks a different tab. Or you could show customers in a Grid, tree etc... and have the user pick one to see more information about one particular customer. Finally, you could create templates and create Formspider objects based on these templates. I know, this is not the same as creating multiple instances of the same panel but it might be a very effective method depending on the user case. I've talked about this option in this thread as well.

Depending on your use case, you can evaluate one of the options above as well as opening separate tabs.

Implementing reusable Formspider objects is on our roadmap. (The article uses the term templating. In hindsight, reusable libraries would be a better term.)

Hope this helps.

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Hi Yalim,

any news on the progress of "templates" ( or "libraries" ) to be able to create MDI apps?


answered 30 Jun '16, 14:10

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