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In my application i've made tooltip which depend of datasource query and I show it in my application using tooltipColumn atribute, it works. Next step what I want to do is to put tooltip text in to multilanguage key. But when I run application in tooltip is showing "#{lang.text1}" instead "text1"

asked 07 Sep '15, 10:24

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Hi Tihomir,

I did a quick test. Things seem to be working properly. What you see occurs when Formspider cannot find a translation for the multilingual key it sees in the application.

Did you create multilingual keys in the Formspider IDE? For example, you should create a multingual key named key1 and provide a translation for at least one language. Something like key="Click this button" for English. Next, you should assign this key as the value of the tooltip attribute: <textlabel tooltip="#{lang.key1}"/>

After the application runs with English as its current language, Formspider will translate any #{lang.key1} value it sees to Click this button.

If this doesn't help and if your application is on Formspider Cloud, please tell me its name. Then I can look and see what the problem is.

Kind Regards,


answered 07 Sep '15, 11:04

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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I used <tooltipcolumn="tooltiptext">

When in column tooltiptext have simple text it works fine. But as I said when I put #{lang.key1} in tootiptext in my app in tooltip I've see #{lang.key1}, not the value of key1.

I check the key1 and it exists in multilingual keys for both languages which I defined.

This is column from my datasource which I put in tooltipColumn , case when sum(utroseno_vreme) over(partition by datum, er.radnik_id) > 8 then '#{lang.overtime}' when sum(utroseno_vreme) over(partition by datum, er.radnik_id) < 8 then '#{lang.undertime}' else null end as tooltipText

Best Regards, Tihomir


answered 07 Sep '15, 12:16

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Hi Tihomir,

Indeed, there seems to be a bug with the tooltipColumn. It doesn't show the multilingual key values correctly. No worries. We'll fix this in the next version. Thank you for letting us know.

Kind Regards,

(08 Sep '15, 04:10) Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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