I have encountered a weird synchronisation problem with a combo box. It is a little bit difficult to explain, but i will try...

I have a master (panel A) - detail (panel B) - detail form (panel C). In panel C there is a combobox based on a datasource with bind variables based on the current record in panel B and the current record in panel C.

When i query panel A or B, the details in C are queried fine. However, when i focus on the first record in panel B, the combobox in panel C shows the values instead of the name of the value. As soon as i click in one of the wrong records, immediately the values are replaced by the name. When i focus on another record in panel B (the 2nd, 3rd etc), the comboxboxes in panel C immediately show the names.

First i thought this was caused by an error or so, but the debugger shows no problems.

Does this problem sounds familiar? I am still working on FS 1.8.

Kind regards, Jan Willem Vermeer

asked 07 Sep '15, 04:51

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Jan Willem V...
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Hi, i have found the cause of the problem...

It appears that when all records in panel C are queried, the CURRENTROWCHANGED trigger is being fired only for the first record. At that moment the bind variables of the lov-datasource are being set in such a way that it does not retrieve any record. So, the combobox displays the value entered because it can not find the name of the value. However, i can not yet find out why the combobox "suddenly" starts working again properly.

Perhaps it is better to show you the problem. Shall i send you a mail with the URL.

Kind regards, Jan Willem


answered 07 Sep '15, 06:46

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Jan Willem V...
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Hi Jan,

The combobox works correctly when you click the second row in the Grid, right? Could this be related to the firing of the currentrowchanged event on the grid? Maybe this time the code behind the currentrowchanged event does the right thing and sets the correct parameters which in turn puts the right data to the combobox?

Kind Regards,

(08 Sep '15, 06:59) Yalim Gerger ♦♦

Hi Yalim, the values are corrected as soon as i focus in that grid. Perhaps it is different in 1.9. So i will first upgrade and when the problem is still there, i will try to find a way to explain the problem better. Kind regards, Jan Willem

(08 Sep '15, 08:17) Jan Willem V...

If you can make a small application that represents the problem, we can take a look.

(08 Sep '15, 08:54) Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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