Is it possible to share datasource definitions, LOVs, Domains and other objects accross applications?

asked 04 Sep '15, 04:38

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Hi Jan,

The short answer is: There is no built-in support to share Formspider Objects across applications. You can only share PL/SQL code between applications.

The long answer is: We plan to introduce built-in support for reusable Formspider Libraries in a future Formspider version. This feature is on our road map. Until then, you can create your own templates using the new human readable export file syntax in Formspider 1.9. You can extract human readable versions of your Formspider Objects and store them in a file or files. Later you can import these object into other Formspider applications.

For example, if you have domains you want to reuse in your applications, you can create these domains in an application. Export this application. Edit the rest of the application out and leave only the domains in the export file. Later, you can import this file into any Formspider application using the code snippet below:

  v_template_cl clob;
  v_template_cl:=--custom function which returns the correct export file's content
                    IN_CREATEMODE_CD=>bdf_constant_etl.etlcreatemissingonly); -- or use bdf_constant_etl.etlcreateorreplace

Moreover, you can add parameters to these export files and populate these parameters before you import the file into an application. Working with these parameters is not really about Formspider though. This is basic file processing.

For example, you can create a Dialog with OK and Cancel buttons in it. You can export the application which contains this Dialog, edit out the rest and have yourself a Dialog template. You can make the dialog name a parameter in the file. Whenever you need a new Dialog object, you can import this file supplying a "dialogName" parameter.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


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Strange... i added an answer but it seems to be lost in space... i try again.

Do i understand it correcly that a FS application can only be executed when every object is valid and present in the application? When i edit the XML i have to enter existing lov's and domains. Otherwise an error will to raised.

So, this export/import solution saves a lot of time copying objects from one application to another. But when i modify an LOV, i have to do that in every application. With so many objects, it will be just a matter of time before they are all different.

What i meant was something like a library with objects.

Kind regards, Jan Willem


answered 04 Sep '15, 09:06

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Jan Willem V...
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Hi Jan,

The library is a feature on our road map with a high priority.

Kind Regards, Yalim

(04 Sep '15, 09:24) Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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