Original query (view based) was: select LG_ID,LG_MATCH,LG_UMS,LG_UMS80PZ,ANZ_ART,ANZ_ART_VK80,SORTIMENT_PZ from V_DWH_LG_80PZ

DB structure changed, view now has lost column LG_ID and LG_MATCH became LG_OE_DISP. I navigate to the datasource definition and hit "refresh from database". FormsSpider reconized old and new columns. I indicate the matching ones, (LG_MATCH => LG_OE_DISP) and expect it to delete LG_ID. Upon clicking OK or Apply the error msg pops up: "Deleted column LG_ID in use, remove reference to this Column before updating the Datasource definition"

What does that mean? Who/where is that old column in use?
How can I create a list of places where Formspider deems this column to be used?

asked 10 Jul '15, 16:37

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Hi Dirk,

The datasource nodes in the navigation tree have a child node called Dependent Objects. If you expand this node for the datasources of the Datasource Definition in question, do you see any objects? You should. There are probably references to LG_ID in these objects.

Kind Regards,


answered 13 Jul '15, 09:20

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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