Dear formspider team,

How to set the following grid attributes using APIs? For example, I have different rowheight set up at design time. I want to change heights of all the grids to a standard rowheight using API at runtime. Kindly advice.










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Hi George,

There is a grid attribute called rowHeightColumn. You can use this attribute to set the height of a each row in the grid. Later, you can update the values of the column used as the rowHeightColumn using the api_datasource.setColumnValue API and the corresponding row's height will be changed.

For example:

<grid name="grid1" datasource="datasource1" rowHeightColumn="column1"....>

When grid1 shows up on the screen each grid row's height will be determined by the corresponding value in column1 in datasource1.

At some relevant event in your code if you execute:


The height of the current row in the grid will be set to 50 pixels.

You can use api_component.setMouseHover to change mouseHover behavior.

For the other attributes, you can use the api_component.setGridState API. This API accepts XML input in a certain format. You can find out more about the format of this input by analyzing the output of api_component.getGridState API. They both use the same format. The online documentation also has some useful information regarding these API's.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Yalim,

Thank you for your answer. This requires the developer to add an additional column in each of the tables for displaying grid. This could be the best solution for displaying grid with different row height for different rows in a grid. This is a very rare requisition.

But to set up system wide standard row height for all grids, this design is very poor as the developer needs only one value for row height throughout the system.

Further, having to modify the table to facilitate functionality of a development tool is not very much welcome as the development tool keep changing with time and tables will collect lots of junk columns over time.

Any how, I will need to go as per your suggestion as there is no other way.

With kind regards,


(17 Jul '15, 08:21) grajan777
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