Is it possible to open the same dialog/panel multiple time ? For example if we have a dialog for Purchase Order opened from a menu item and I want to open twice to work on 2 different Purchase Orders. I did not find any way to do this. Thanks, Viki

asked 24 Jun '15, 05:25

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Formspider Viki
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Hi Viki,

No, this feature is not currently available in Formspider. It is in our road map to implement this feature. However, there are workarounds.

A simple workaround is to actually open a new Formspider application in a new Browser Tab to show a Purchase Order. So you can build a separate Purchase Order Application and call this Purchase Order Appliaction from your Main Appliaction. Everytime a user clicks on a PO to see its details you can open a new browser tab and show the actual PO in the Purchase Order Application. You can tell the Purchase Order Application which PO to open by passing it a parameter.

This is really easy to do in Formspider. The links below should help you to get started:

http://osqa.theformspider.com/questions/2342/opening-url-as-a-separate-web-tab http://osqa.theformspider.com/questions/3421/launching-another-session-in-a-new-tab http://osqa.theformspider.com/questions/1167/how-to-get-value-of-arguments-passed-in-the-url

This method is also compatible with the way we will implement the feature you are looking for. So in the future, you'll be able to easily take your Purchase Order Application and call it from within your Main Application with little modification.

Kind Regards,


answered 24 Jun '15, 07:48

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Hi Yalim, I wanted to avoid to make separate application for each panel/dialog that need this feature.

Thanks for your quick answer. Viki

(25 Jun '15, 06:39) Formspider Viki

Hi Viki,

I understand. LIke I said, building separate applications is not necessarily bad and in the long run you will be able to merge them into a single application if you build them this way.

One other alternative is to think whether you can achieve a similar effect using tabs. It depends on the use case. This is not always possible but when it is, it works great:

You can have one set of panels representing a purchase order. And you can have a tabbedPanel with multiple tabs where each tab represents a different purchase order. You can add as many tabs to a tabbedPanel during run-time. When the user switches between them, you move your set of panels from one tab to the other and query the correct purchase order each time. This enables the user to view multiple purchase orders but only one at a time. Since the user can switch between them easily, this design usually provides the desired effect.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

(27 Jun '15, 04:37) Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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