Hello, is anywhere described how to correctly use datasource's Fetch Mode and Max. Row Fetch Size ?

A) I have a datasource which query returns thousands of records, on grid i want to use PAGINATION and fetch only first 15 rows from data set. Another 15 records should be displayed once user hit PAGINATION NEXT button on the grid.

I set details in datasource detail as follows: Fetch Mode = Paging Rows Per Page = 15 Max. Row Fetch Size = Custom Value = 15 When I press OK button to save values and reopen datasource details a custom max. row fetch size value is blank! Why? When I run an application, initial pagination is displayed OK - for example 1 / 7, but when next page button is pressed, it changes to 2 / 2!

Am I using it incorrectly?

Some pictures:

1) datasource definition set

alt text

2) when OK pressed a Custom Value changes to null alt text

3) When main grid is displayed, pagination is OK: alt text

4) When you press NEXT PAGE button it fetches new set of data, but paging will change to: alt text

asked 19 Jun '15, 09:57

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Hi Tomas,

After looking at this a little bit deeper, my suggestion is not to use the Max. Row Fetch size. I don't think this attribute is relevant in your case. Simply setting the mode to paging should be enough. Do you have issues even if you don't use "All" as the value in Max. Row Fetch Size?

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answered 19 Jun '15, 10:55

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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I just confirmed that having the Max. Row Fetch Size attribute on the datasource screen when the fetch mode is paging is a bug. That attribute should be removed from the screen if the fetch mode is paging.

(19 Jun '15, 11:01) Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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