Hello Team! I would like to submit a bug.

Use case is the following: FS app uses a datasource based on the VIEW. View itself has join to the remote db table.

The length of the varchar column of the remote table is increased (just example - or the existing remote table columns somehow modidified). In this case local oracle view becomes invalid and recompiles by the first call to this view if db parameter REMOTE_DEPENDENCIES_MODE is set to timestamp (see http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14237/initparams177.htm#REFRN10182)

So from the Oracle side we get the valid VIEW even after some changes in remote db table structure.

But FS datasource "remembers" the "old" structure and we get ORA-06502 when select the increased varchar data (however base view for DS is valid).

It is minor as all we did to fix it is recreating the datasource. But this was not very trivial to determine. So in my opinion the FS datasources should have the similar behavior as oracle views have (invalidate and recompile via the first call).

Please advise

asked 17 Jun '15, 16:56

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Hi Anatoly,

We are hesitant to do what you suggested automatically because this would mean to automatically change the source code of an application without informing the developer. This is not something we want to do.

Here is the current solution we have: Currently we have a button in the Datasource Definition Dialog's Query tab which is called: "Refresh From Database". From the issue you described, it seems to me that all you needed to do was to press this button to update the information about the view in the Formspider repository.

This way, the bindings to screen elements would also be preserved. Formspider is also smart about renamed columns. Even if you rename a column, Formspider would detect that a column is missing in the new Database Object (View in your case) and ask you to match one of the new columns to the old one. If you indeed renamed a column, you would match the old name and the new name. Then Formspider would still preserve the bindings between the UI elements and the datasources.

This is not to say we can be more proactive about this issue. We could provide the developer with a utility which detects the mismatches between the Formspider repository and the Oracle dictionary and warn the developer. (As a developer you can also write such a script yourself by the way.) But we would stop there. Warn the developer and not change the source code.

By the way. during deployment to production, if you run your DDL scripts before importing the Formspider application, the application would always be created with the correct information in the Formspider repository.

Kind Regards,


answered 18 Jun '15, 09:50

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Ok, got the point. thanks for the detailed answer

(18 Jun '15, 11:05) viktorK
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