Hi Yalim,

Is it possible to install tomcat on different machine and Oracle database & Formspider on other machine? If possible, how to do it?


asked 09 Jun '15, 22:48

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  1. Oracle DB (with formspider user) - DB server
  2. Tomcat (like Application server) - (install tomcat, on the tomcat install formspider framework and configure db connesction to Oracle. You can prepare how much do you want application servers.
  3. NGINX server, this like loadbalancer - share connections to application servers. (http://nginx.org/)

    User's make connection tu your nginx server, and this transfer (share) connection to application server (tomcat).


answered 10 Jun '15, 02:02

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Thanks for the answer.

Can you please give me sample on how to do it?

Best Regards Suputra

(10 Jun '15, 03:04) suputra

Hi ? Sample, how install tomcat or formspider framework ? Nginx ?

(11 Jun '15, 06:23) AlfAbetas

Hi Suputra,

Yes, this is possible. Simply run the Formspider installer and select only to install the middle tier components when prompted. The installation wizard will ask you the connection information for the database in subsequent steps.

Similarly, to only install Formspider Database Components, select only this option in the installer when prompted.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


answered 16 Jun '15, 10:49

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Thanks Yalim,

I will try.

Best Regards Suputra

(18 Jun '15, 00:52) suputra
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