if you are using the grid filter functionality after adding some rows, the new and uncommitted data will be lost!

We figured out that this happens, because a requery of the grid datasource is executed.

Is this behaviour as designed? Until now we thought that the grid filter functionality is not starting a database query at all, but a client side filter (java script) on the given results.

If this feature is working as designed we need a possibility to interact before filtering to give at least a warning to the user. Is there any way to do this?

Many Thanks in advance,

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asked 30 Mar '15, 04:41

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Hi Michael,

Yes this is how the feature is designed to work. I added an enhancement request to our issue tracking system to display a warning.

By the way, is your datasource in fetchAll mode? I haven't tried this but in fetchAll mode, Formspider might not requery the database.

Kind Regards,



answered 16 Apr '15, 05:37

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Yalim ♦♦
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Hi Yalim,

Thanks for the response. We tried several combinations, the fetchAll mode as well. The "Fetch All" mode works as described, but if you are in the "Infinite Scroll" mode (our preferred mode) a requery is send, even if you are activating the "Query All" mode.

So having a chance to interact would be great!

Kind Regards,



answered 16 Apr '15, 06:40

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