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Export application from one instance and then go to import on another instance import window pops up pick the xml file, click next then nothing.... just seems to hang, have left it for over an hour but never comes back.

asked 27 Mar '15, 04:43

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Starting with Formspider 1.9. there is a new export and import API. Please see this thread for more information on how to use the new export/import API's.



To import an application without using the IDE you can use the following code snippiet

           in_importOption_cd =>'AsNewApplication', 


v_objectRecord_tt is simply a variable of type bdf_etl.tt_importObjects. Its value is null.

And where:

v_cl is a variable of type CLOB. It holds the content of the Formspider export file. You can simply populate a table column of type CLOB with the content of your export file and populate v_cl with this value before calling bdf_etl.load.

I also created a ticket in our bug tracker for this issue.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,



answered 30 Mar '15, 09:07

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Yalim ♦♦
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Yalim Gerger ♦♦

thanks Yalim, sorry for the late response have been away

I'll give that a try this morning


(07 Apr '15, 03:19) apacheuk

Hi, i had the same problem, till I use the IE for Import.

So try around the different browsers

Regards Dirk


answered 27 Mar '15, 05:30

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Unfortunately due to security restrictions here I can't try other browsers... I'm stuck with IE9, are saying its not going to work on IE9... this could be a big problem for us

(27 Mar '15, 06:18) apacheuk

Hi, try to put the File to Import into to Root "C:\" could help. Regards Dirk

(27 Mar '15, 06:30) Dirk

again due to security restrictions the C:\ is locked down. best I can manage is putting the file in c:\users\myUser\appexport.xml

Unfortuantely even doing this make no difference, still hangs.... if I manually close the import window, hitting the X, I get the spinning windows7 circle until I force shutdown the browser

(27 Mar '15, 07:19) apacheuk

Strange !

just checked it with (I understand won't work for you) Chrome Didn't work with IE.

Export import to c:\user\myuser\MyDocuments.....

Regards Dirk

(27 Mar '15, 08:46) Dirk

Our whole enterprise (multi site/country) is limited to using IE9 for the foreseeable future, so if I can't get this to work we may have to rethink

(27 Mar '15, 08:55) apacheuk

So that will be a case for somebody of the support team !!!!

(27 Mar '15, 08:58) Dirk

Can anyone on the support team offer any solutions?

(27 Mar '15, 11:36) apacheuk


I think we have a script that you can use to import an application from a CLOB. I'll find the script and enter the code here.

(30 Mar '15, 07:48) Yalim ♦♦

that seems to be working now, any idea when a fix for this is likely?

(07 Apr '15, 09:20) apacheuk
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ok, so this problem has come back.

Using the script method described above I am not getting an error when I try to import an app into a newly built environment.

Error starting at line : 1 in command -


ORA-06512: at "FSPIDER.BDF_ETL", line 503 ORA-06512: at line 6 01400. 00000 - "cannot insert NULL into (%s)" Cause: An attempt was made to insert NULL into previously listed objects. Action: These objects cannot accept NULL values.

This is a huge issue for us, we basically can't deploy our app.... not good when I'm trying to convince senior management that we should be using this tool moving forward


answered 16 Jun '15, 08:37

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Can you please email us the export file? We will try to import it here and reproduce the problem.

Kind Regards,

(16 Jun '15, 10:31) Yalim Gerger ♦♦

Have done this, cheers

(16 Jun '15, 11:16) apacheuk

All sorted, miss understanding on my part.... I had thought in the call bdf_etl.load that the parameter in_importOption_cd =>'AsNewApplication' was the name of the app you wanted to import, it should actually be (as explained by the extremely helpful Yalim) 'AsNewApplication'

Soon as I changed that back it worked a treat.

back to work....

(17 Jun '15, 08:22) apacheuk
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